Studio DVMB

The portfolio of architect Donna van Milligen Bielke was based on a WordPress template and served her well, but after getting a more established name and being an architect with high aesthetic standards, it was no longer to her liking.


Design Process

Donna wished a design that would take optimal advantage of the available screen real estate and would focus on simplicity with no room for distraction. Together we created a design that perfectly balances white space with content and has a unique feeling to it. Optimally used on large screens, it works very well on smaller devices also. The website can be maintained intuitively with WordPress; Donna started adding projects without me having to explain anything.

Challenge accepted

The main challenge was to create an image gallery per project that included images as well as a project description. The goal was to be able to progress through the gallery by clicking on the left or right side of the image, however, this turned out to be problematic in the case of the project description, as the amount of text could differ here, thus sometimes requiring a scrollbar. A choice had to be made: either create separate buttons to scroll through the gallery and with it create a less clean UI or set a maximum amount of allowed words to eliminate the need of a scrollbar. In the end, we chose to set a word limit so that no extra clutter would be introduced to the interface, keeping it clean and calm, but functional nonetheless.