In 2006 I became fascinated by photography. With my Canon DSLR I started capturing everything, from nature to people, even nights out had to be fully documented. One day I happened to be out in the park, photographing a beautiful border collie, when the owner approached me and asked if I could e-mail her the pictures.

Challenge accepted

I ended up sending her the pictures and at the end of the e-mail I wrote a little link to my photography portfolio. Her reply was the beginning of my very own website design business: “I see you have a website, I need one too for my tea shop”. Not having a single clue how to make anything bigger than an HTML page with some photos, I obviously said: YES!

In the following months I taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP, and some javascript and learned how to work with WordPress. I photographed all of her tea, teaching myself diffused lighting techniques, designed the website in Photoshop and built it in WordPress and finally launched it in 2008.

The rest is history

In the years after I designed and developed many websites: for small film distributors, real estate developers, a film director, theater collectives, a puppeteer, an audiovisual company, a speech therapy practice, a museum shop supplier, a translator, and many more.